College Teaching Jobs - The Changing Marketplace

College education jobs have steadily increased by 9.4% every year since 2012. There are currently more than 2,925,703 U.S. men and women working in college teaching jobs, and -- every day -- even more people join their ranks. That does not necessarily mean that coming by these jobs is easy or simple, however. Jobs in colleges are constantly changing, and applicants need to keep up with these changes in order to secure employment. How are college professor and adjunct faculty jobs changing?

More People Start Their Careers As Part-Time, Assistant Professors Or Adjunct Faculty

A growing number of colleges and universities are heavily relying on part-time professors, assistant professors, contingent faculty, and/or adjunct faculty. Contrary to popular belief, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Candidates for full-time work can work as adjunct professors or assistant professors while working toward a full-time and/or tenured position. While they are adjunct faculty, employees will have the luxury of flexibility -- picking and choosing hours, colleges, and courses to teach.

Keep Up On The Technology Debate

Be prepared for it. Modern college teaching jobs may entail an in-depth understanding of technology. College professors are using cloud systems to share syllabuses, lectures, and teaching and/or learning materials. Students may be able to access schedules, coursework, book lists, and grades online. Some professors are even using new technologies to cut down on plagiarism and other forms of cheating.

Of course, there are -- on the other hand -- college professors who stand firmly on the other side of the issue and prefer to limit technology use in class. These professors reasonably argue that technology is a distraction and forbid students from using laptops, tablets, and smartphones in class. Before you go into college teaching interviews, know where you stand. Be able to succinctly and clearly explain your position about technology use in the classroom, and be prepared to use the most up-to-date technologies regardless, as some institutions may require it.

College education jobs are changing -- and, in order to get one, you have to keep up. Be prepared to start out as part-time or adjunct faculty, familiarize yourself with the latest classroom technologies, and know whether or not you prefer to utilize them and why (or why not).

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