Job searching and mobile devices – pitfalls to avoid

Mobile devices - phones and tablets - have become ubiquitous. Not only do we always have a device in hand or within easy reach, we can transact almost any type of business - professional or personal - on them.

So it stands to reason that job searching and applying can also be accomplished this way. While there are many things that can be done on mobile devices, there are still many things that can’t be done as well on them.

Some large job-search sites allow candidates to save jobs directly from their mobile devices, once the candidate has logged into their account. This is a handy feature to use when on the go - and can allow candidates to use formerly unproductive time, such as on public transit or in a waiting room, to at least search for opportunities, and save them.

Applications that require uploads of documents can pose problems. If an application will allow a candidate to link to a profile or to an online portfolio of work, or a video, that can often be provided seamlessly. But just as institutions vary, so do job application requirements. And, don’t forget that once an application is submitted, it generally can’t be amended.

While most large employers work hard on optimizing their websites for mobile, some smaller organizations still provide user experiences that make it slow or difficult to read a version of a site meant for viewing on a traditional computer or laptop. Aside from slow speeds, the strength of an internet connection can hinder or thwart an application’s submission. Many times, job portals and individual sites will specifically recommend applying from a standard computer.

While mobile devices provide many benefits and enable business to be transacted quickly and easily, parts of the job application process still don’t lend themselves to on-the-go submissions.

Kimberley Sirk is a North Carolina-based writer and editor with government, higher education and big-brand healthcare public relations and marketing experience.

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