Summer vacation doesn’t mean the job search gets a break

The arrival of those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer doesn’t mean that your job search heads for the beach, too.

The ebb and flow of life on a college campus is largely related to the presence of students and faculty during the regular academic year, but university staff labor year-round. And, that includes HR departments. Don’t be fooled - even though the pace has slowed, there are jobs to be filled.

Aside from tenured positions, there is always job activity going on in a university HR departments. Adjunct pools to fill. Retirements. Needs for grant-funded positions. And the list goes on.

Much like in the corporate world, positions don’t always come available on a schedule. And, also like corporate America, working your network of colleagues before openings at any level get broadcast to the outside world can give you a leg up over other applicants.

Certainly, the urgency to fill roles abates a bit during the summer, and over long breaks. HR may still be working, but critical members of search committees may be on an extended vacation. All that means is that applicants will play the waiting game even longer. Don’t sweat it. If the role is right, and the work environment is right, use the extra time to polish your vitae or resume, marshall all references, and perfect a portfolio that will be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

So, get out and enjoy the beautiful weather that is upon us. But, keep your eyes open and your application materials at the ready. This might be a great time to catch up with references, and clean out your paper and digital files. The right situation is out there - be ready for it!

Kimberley Sirk is a North Carolina-based writer and editor with government, higher education and big-brand healthcare public relations and marketing experience.

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