The Advantages of Streamlining a Resume

For those currently in a Higher Education careers search group keep this in mind: with your resume, less can be more.

Considering the large numbers of unemployed Higher Education professionals competing for the same college positions, and considering the multiple hats a hiring manager is likely to be wearing, time just will not allow the scrutiny required to read through one long resume after another searching for the key word or phrase demonstrating that you are a the best fit for the position offered.  Reviewed also, either from the resume or at interview, are how you write and speak, your level of understanding of spoken words and written tasks, and will I have to send this person who holds a masters degree to a communication class at cost to the department?

 A one page resume that pinpoints your skills and strengths, lists your previous institution’s name and your position, and one or two associations or activities (related or that show contrast to your work life and provide a snapshot of your well-roundedness), far outweighs the 2 or more page, bulleted 10 points showing what you did in all of your academic positions and situations.  Save that information for special request or better yet, for the interview!

Additionally, if you’re smart (and I am going with the belief that you are and therefore on this site) you may decide to be more flexible regarding the direction of your career. In days gone by, one would only consider career movement upward or laterally. However, in today’s tough economic and employment climate it is not so far out there to consider less.  If so, remember to customize your resume to highlight the particular knowledge skills and abilities, as well as experiences that position you as the best candidate because there are still hundreds, perhaps thousands, also applying for these college jobs.  Everyone within academia, from Faculty Dean to entry level go-fer, is expected to multi-task and do more and to require less in salary to do it.

Joann Emmanuel, has written and edited articles for many publications, and has collaborated on a published scholarly paper in Psychological research. Within Higher Education, she has been a Director, Program Coordinator, Acting Director, and Assistant Director.

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