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Thank you for your consideration keeps it simple and value-based for you!  Over 525 schools have used us.  Our clients post about:

42% administrative leadership / staff
58% faculty / post-doc

Diversity and outreach is our mission 365 days per year, not just as a supplement, special issue or talking point.  Our verified reach is: 

  8.0% of applicants are Latino/Latina
11.3% Asian
56.4% female
20.6% Black / African American
  6.2% Veterans
  5.6% Disabled; 5.2% opted not to respond

      LGBTQ is heavily marketed to (and utilized by), but not tracked.

NOTE:  Our non-gender based diversity reach has soared to 49.5%.

As a client, your benefits include:

  • Our proprietary Job Extraction Tool (JET) imports directly from many Applicant Tracking Systems.  It is free with a minimum 50-pack of rollover job postings.  Post positions with us in 15-45 seconds and JET works externally with the following common systems, plus others:
  • PeopleAdmin
  • Interview Exchange
  • Brassring
  • PageUp
  • eRecruit / TAM (Peoplesoft)
  • Silk Road / Open Hire
  • Taleo
  • Hiretouch
  • NeoGov
  • Cornerstone
  • Other ATS or home-grown (case-by-case)
  • Our proprietary SWEEP, which is available for annual unlimited pricing customers that have ATS's, is free and allows you to turn over the entire posting process to us (posting, updating and taking down daily).  We handle everything.
  • Compliance with Department of Labor Ruling under 20 CFR 656.18 [International applicants for teaching positions].  Any faculty position can be posted with us. Our dashboard is built around this ruling. 
  • Reinvest 39-43% of revenues into securing new applicants.
  • Heavy emphasis towards reaching social media generated applicants.
  • Job postings in up to ten categories for up to six months.
  • Categories for community colleges, faith-based institutions, online schools and adjunct faculty; there are large subsections for med schools.
  • Free virtual unmanned job fair participation with any job posting package of 25+ postings.
  • Marketing keywords to help brand your institution globally on every job.
  • Proprietary 15 day auto-refresh, so your jobs always appear current.
  • Average of 82 views per job per month (#2 ranked).
  • NADOHE members are eligible to receive additional 8% discounts; contact us for details.

 Updated: November 3, 2017


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