Finalizing the Hiring Process - Applicants Rights

You have found the perfect candidate and have offered him or her that great new job at your college. The candidate’s answer was an emphatic Yes! and now you need to move to the next step. But what is next?

Here’s a one-question hiring process exam.  See if you can pass.

1)      When have you finalized your hiring process?

  1. When you are onboarding your new hire
  2. When you introduce your new hire in the employee newsletter
  3. When your new hire completes his or her first assignment
  4. When you’ve promptly thanked all your candidates

Hint: The correct answer has nothing to do with your new hire.  But, it does have everything to do with all those other nail-biting candidates. The answer is d.  And here’s why.

First, you have a reputation to uphold.  You should always be professional toward those who have shown interest in your organization. The final candidates for the position at your campus, in most cases, have taken a lot of their time to research the job, your college, and you. If you conducted committee interviews that included many people and lasted several days or even weeks, your candidates were on call and waiting for you.  

How you handle letting the other candidates know that you’ve selected someone else is the next important part to closing the hiring process. Though it may be hard to do, have someone call your top candidates personally. They deserve a phone call (not an email), and they should receive it promptly.

The applicants who did not make it to the interview process should also be contacted promptly.  A well-written email from a real person is the best method.  In the end, everyone should feel good about your organization.   

Patsy Zettler is an educator, instructional designer, and writer for higher education management.

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