Finding the Best Faculty Applicants

The recruitment process can be daunting when faced with the need to hire someone for a specific job.  There are several methods to obtain an applicant pool.  However, the more time spent thinking about what is needed from that new staff member, the better chances are for a qualified pool to draw from for the new hire.  One way to guarantee effective hiring is to ensure that the hiring method is well planned out.

Selection Interviewing is one method most recruiters use to find the best candidate for a specific job.  This process forces you to think about the skills and abilities for each individual job so your new-hire will be a productive contributing member within the organization.  This four-step process includes the preparation needed to identify candidates, the interview process, an evaluation process, and the final selection and hiring process.

Step 1 - Preparation:  Identify the needs anticipated for the person, the culture, and the required skills and abilities needed for the new hire.  Build the job description and find the candidates.

Step 2 - Interview:  Many organizations use a panel interview, which includes pre-conceived questions and involves each member of the panel during the interview.

Step 3 - Evaluation:  Find or create a ranking process to keep the evaluation portion of your hiring process equalized. 

Step 4 – Selection and Hiring:  Once the final candidate is selected and hired, the job is not finished.  Follow up with candidates to help with any adjustment issues.  Follow up is an essential element frequently overlooked by recruiters.

Using these four steps for your talent management opportunities may be more time-consuming than your current process; however, when more time is taken with the interview process, the chance for hiring a well-qualified, outstanding employee is much greater.  Selection interviewing is a great strategy for the recruiter, the new-hire, and the overall organization.

Dr. Rebecca Sanders has been an educator for 33 years and has experience teaching elementary through doctoral level classes. 

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