How Long Should I Post a Job Online with a 3rd Party Website?

This is a very controversial topic, and this website has a different view than the mainstream.  Most experts would take a minimalist approach and say that a job should be posted until a large enough applicant pool is secured.  At that point, the job can be put on hold (e.g., not shown to the public, but not closed either) or closed. With overworked staff during cost-crunch times, the first approach certainly is a viable option for many; however, it still requires a bit of luck that the best candidate will be looking at exactly the right moment.

Another school of thought states that a position should be posted externally as long as it is posted internally.  Subscribing to the philosophy “it ain’t over til it’s over,” this approach assumes that good applicants will continue to surface, and it is up to the hiring entity / search committee to decide whether or not to continue to make contact with later candidates.  This theory of post until close also assumes that it is easier to say “no” to candidates that exist than “yes” to candidates that never existed; for this reason alone we whole-heartedly recommend post until close.

Papa Grande is a 27-year human resources recruiting professional, including several years in higher education.


updated: 6-25-2015

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