How to Sell Your University as an Employer of Choice

In today’s economy, it can be difficult to attract employees for university staff positions. Salaries are often lower than those of other regional employees, and it can be a challenge to attract applicants if they think they can make more money elsewhere.

However, there are many advantages to working at a college or university. Staff are often given discount tickets to sporting events as well as student productions. They have opportunities to attend special lectures by visiting experts or local experts. There are festivals and museums on campus. Staff may even receive discounted tuition to Extended Ed classes, or tuition benefit so they or their family members can  earn a college degree.

There may be opportunities for their children to attend special child development classes or receive diagnostic testing. Employees often have opportunities to participate in research projects such as fitness or nutritional studies, and they usually receive discount memberships to the college fitness facilities.

University staff may have library access, not just to check out books and other materials, but to access research journals and periodicals. They may be able to obtain software at discount prices. Staff can eat at the on campus restaurants, shop at the university stores and even take advantage of discounts offered by area merchants.

College jobs offer a myriad of fun benefits, so when you are crafting the advertisement for your position, don’t focus just on the salary or the standard benefits you have to offer how your applicants that even though they might be able to make more money working for XYZ Corporation, by accepting a job at your university, they will be able to participate in a world of vibrant, dynamic learning community with more benefits than they ever dreamed.

Dindy Robinson is Director of Compensation at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas.

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