Job Extraction Tool (JET)

Attention:  Schools with ATS systems
  • Post your openings to our website in 15-45 seconds with JET.
  • Does not rely on personnel from your IT department or ATS supplier.
  • Operational in 2-4 days.
  • Free with a minimum 50-pack of rollover job postings.
  • Excellent for branding your H R Recruiting Function.
  • Easily adaptable to Jobelephant's apptrkr system; technology also works with Job Target One-Click
  • Be trained in 30-45 minutes.
  • Works externally with the following systems:
  • PeopleAdmin
  • Interview Exchange
  • Brassring
  • eRecruit / TAM (Peoplesoft)
  • Silk Road / Open Hire
  • Taleo
  • Hiretouch
  • Cornerstone
  • PageUp
  • NeoGov


Now you can even post while you sleep - it is that easy.  WE SWEEP WHILE YOU SLEEP!

All you have to do is NOTHING!  We do it all, and there is no upcharge.  If you have an ATS and buy a flexible unlimited annual posting package, we import the new jobs each night, close the jobs that drop off of your ATS each day, and place the jobs in the correct categories.  Then we do a Quality Control Check, all before you are in the office - imagine that!


Testimonials for JET:

"It's so easy, it's scary."  Provosts Office from a very large private university in the Midwest.

 "Oh my gosh .... is that easy .... that's perfect .... this is going to be great .... I can't believe how quickly that can be done."  Cindy from Ohio, after posting her first position using JET in under 50 seconds.

 “Wow, that was super easy.  Yours is clearly the easiest posting site, and we post to four.  Thank you, thank you.  That was just fantastic.”  Laura from Colorado, who sent us a frantic email because her job poster was sick and she had to post positions herself.  After four minutes of training, she had nine jobs posted in eight minutes.

 “Thank you, Rick!! This really is amazing. We just tried it and it would save us so much time! Thanks again!!”  Recruiting team from a mid-sized northeastern private university that used to post manually.  We created a Job Extraction Tool (JET) at no charge, and what used to take 8-10 minutes now takes 30 seconds. 

 "Whoa - that was the easiest job posting ever."  Head of Recruiting at a Maryland Community College.  First job was posted in 31 seconds and she was fulled trained in 9 minutes. "I am really liking the system! It’s so easy!"  Her comment after 5 days using it.

 "I have to admit, after posting positions online for twelve years - I was skeptical.  This is amazingly simple."   #2 person in recruiting at a large university at a recent CUPA-HR conference.


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