Who Would You Call for the Interview?

The recruiter logs into the online applicant tracking system and scrolls through the applications for recent university jobs. She has identified the candidates with the most experience and is now looking at their responses to the job specific questions. She’s filled 4 of her 5 interview slots and is down to three final candidates from which to choose for the 5th slot.

Here are their responses to the first question: “Please describe your experience in developing activities for a residential college community:”

  1. See resume.
  2. I was chair of the Activity Planning Committee for three years while I lived in the dorm at college. Since graduation I’ve served as the activity planner at a residential facility for teen-aged juvenile offenders. I understand the difficulties of developing fun and inclusive activities on a limited budget, and specialize in pulling together large scale group activities that can take place in a limited area.
  3. I’ve not worked with residential communities, but I have lots of experience in planning activities for teen-agers.

Second question: “What attracted you to this position?”

  1. This sounds like a fun position - righ up my alley.
  2. I love working with college students. In my current position, I gravitate toward the older teens as we seem to have a natural affinity for each other. I can relate to many of the issues that college students have, so I feel I would be a real asset to your team. And Brilliant University is famous for its innovative student activities programs. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?
  3. I’ve had experience in planning activities for teens, so I think I can work well in this position. It seems like a natural fit for my background and experience.

Which applicant would you call in for interview?

Dindy Robinson has many years of human resources experience in higher education institutions.

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