Why Views per Job per Month matters

If you are like most schools and have difficult positions to fill, many of which are managed by faculty search committees and take a while, this statistic is quite important.

Job Advertising is about eyeball viewership, as well as click-through rates; if the job isn't seen, it can't be clicked on.  Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can track who actually gets to their jobs quite well, and advertising organizations can often track click-throughs of many types of ads. Did you know that unless a job-board actually delivers the applicant directly to the URL of your job, upwards of 40% of the applicants will abandon the search, further hampering statistical tracking? 

Unfortunately, direct-to-URL is often out of the control of the job-board,unless they have the technology to reverse-engineer the link.

What is in the job-board’s control is how many prospective applicants (hopefully good ones) see your job?  If you have an appealing job you will get the clicks to your site.  Some higher volume job-boards get lots of applicants fast, but your job may be published for only 2-4 weeks.  Other job-boards have longer posting times and can provide much more volume over time; they actually are better values if you are not in a time-crunch.

To answer why Views/Job/Month matters, consider the following three scenarios:

  • Job-board 1 averages 240 views / job / month, charges $230 for a one-off posting and the average job lasts 2-4 weeks.  They have a 15% click-through rate.
  • Job-board 2 averages 40 views / job / month, charges $250 and the average job lasts 6 weeks.  They have a 10% click-through rate.
  • Job-board 3 averages 140 views / job / month, charges $100 and the average job lasts 3.5 months.  They have a 5% click-through rate.

Which is the best?  The answer lies in how fast you are looking to fill the role; on average:

Job-board 1 can get 180 views and 27 applicants in 3 weeks, or about $8.52 per applicant

Job-board 2 can get 60 views and 6 applicants in 6 weeks, or about $41.67 per applicant.

Job-board 3 can get 490 views and 25 applicants in 14 weeks, or about $4.00 per applicant.

Do you need a tortoise or a hare, or a combination of both?  Generally speaking, a combination works best when the opportunity presents itself.  Applicants aren't always there when you post the job opening.

Rick Friedman is President of ScholarlyHires.com. 

This post was updated on 2-11-2015

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