Pricing for Job Applicants is free!

Pricing for Universities
, as described below, provides you the opportunity to purchase Prepaid and Volume packages.  Each posting is good for up to six months; you may expire postings at any time. You can either buy postings for yourself or your entire university1, and you have the opportunity to either pay as you go or buy in prepaid blocks.  The customized annual unlimited pricing package is school-specific and based on a rolling twelve-months of history; you will need a special promotion code to activate it.

For Schools with ATS systems - There is a proprietary Job Extraction Tool (JET) which imports directly from supported Applicant Tracking Systems; it is FREE and there is no IT or ATS interface involved.  We have also developed a free SWEEP technology (including customer service monitoring) where you can opt to post manpower-free (when purchasing an annual unlimited package).

Pricing for Online Career Fairs - There will be approximately three (3) online career fairs for higher education each year.  They are FREE for any school that purchases either a minimum 25-pack of rollover job postings or an unlimited annual package of postings. 


With Rollover Job Credits (no expiration dates) your benefits include:

  • No “Use it or Lose it” – job post credits never expire.  Use them now or use them ten years from now – they roll over
  • Smaller schools can secure big school pricing without feeling pressure to perform over the course of a year.  Anyone you designate at your school can use the job credits, and the central university coordinator can see all of the activity on your personalized dashboard.

 Contact us to find out more about special National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE) pricing.

Click Here if you are an advertising agency representing a specific university.

To request rate and compensation information, please email and specify which university or universities you are representing. We will contact you promptly.

No Expiration Dates Credit Card Purchase Order
1-9 Posts $119.00 each $145.00 each
10-24 Posts $109.50 each $139.50 each
25-49 Posts $83.80 each $95.80 each
50-99 Posts $63.90 each $69.90 each
100-249 Posts $43.95 each $46.95 each
250-99999 Posts $24.38 each $25.58 each
Unlimited Annual Job Postings
These are maximum prices. Contact us for institution-specific unlimited pricing. $6,895.00 $7,195.00